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These systems all use the Paris 960 Expedition TM sled. The Paris sled is vacuum molded from 1/8" high density polyethylene.  Its signature orange color is easy to find in a white out. Its wide rims provide torsional rigidity and its design has proven to be effective in hundreds of expeditions and trips from the South Pole to the Canadian Rockies. This sled glides and floats in powder very well. It is durable enough to last several long trips while being about 4 pounds lighter than other more durable pulk sleds.

Outside Dimensions:  The Paris sled is 59.5" long to the tip of the nose, 21" wide and 6" high (these measurements include the lip around the edge which is 2.5" wide around the perimeter of the sled).

The cargo space is 12" wide (on the inside bottom of the sled) and 15" wide across the top of the sled.  It is 5" deep and 45" long (along the inside bottom of the sled, not including the slanted nose).

Weight:  The sled itself weighs about 4lbs.  Other weights listed below.

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The Glacier comes complete with everything except a hip belt since you will be using your climbing harness.  Includes the Paris Expedition Sled, your choice of poles*, Secure Straps and Fins.  Hardware and straps are installed on your sled.

Approx 8lbs 10oz with full length poles or 9lbs 2oz with split poles

Pole Options


Optional Duffel with the Lakes Area:

Duffel colors may vary



Designed for flatter terrain where fins are not essential. This complete system will get you going immediately after unwrapping.  The Lakes Area includes the Paris Expedition Sled, Secure Straps, your choice of poles*, and your choice of harness.

Approx 8lbs 2oz with full length poles or 8lbs 10oz with split poles (not including the harness which adds about a pound depending on the style)

For use in hilly terrain -- have fins installed for $19 more.  To have fins added to your Lakes pulk, add them to your cart from the Components and Accessories page or check out the Backcountry pulk line.  Fins add about 8oz to the weight.

Lakes Area with Full Length Poles

Harness/Duffel Options for Lakes Area with Full Length Poles
Harness Size

Lakes Area with Split Poles*

Harness/Duffel Options for Lakes Area with Split Poles
Harness Size


Optional Duffel with the Backcountry:

Duffel colors may vary



This complete system is the Lakes Area with fins installed and a set of emergency replacement parts (carabiner, wirelock pin and one of each of the pole ends which is a ball joint and eye bolt). This package is designed for the back country traveler who wants to be prepared for anything.

Backcountry with Full Length Poles

Harness/Duffel Options for Backcountry with Full Length Poles
Harness Size

Backcountry with Split Poles*

Harness/Duffel Options for Backcountry with Split Poles
Harness Size

*Our split poles were created for customers who need to fit their poles in a sled during transport. While more convenient, they do add about 1 lb of weight and add to the complexity of your system in addition to the extra cost.  We generally recommend full length poles.

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