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A Snowy Week

By Timo Rautava at Pyhätunturi

A Week for Snow Camping

A story about a Week of Snow Camping

SUNDAY March 13th. A scouting party skis the trip of around 8km from the Asteli holiday village at PyhŠtunturi across to Noitatunturi. They look for a suitable spot to erect an igloo, do a little work on the foundations, and then ski back to Asteli.

MONDAY. The cross-country snowboarders pack their gear onto three sleds. They set off for the base camp at 11 a.m., and arrive at around 3 p.m., after which they set about building the igloo. It is completed by 10 in the evening, and they then prepare a late evening meal.

TUESDAY. Normal morning ablutions and breakfast from 10-12 a.m. In the afternoon they climb to the top of Noitatunturi and then free-ride down on their boards in the virgin snow. Work starts on building a kitchen igloo annex.

WEDNESDAY. The kitchen igloo is completed. Living quality improves markedly, since it is no longer necessary to cook food in the bedroom.

THURSDAY and FRIDAY. Eating, snowboarding, and generally being together. More climbing in snowshoes up the fells and snowboarding down. The party also climb to the very top of Noitatunturi.

SATURDAY. Breaking camp. The igloo remains behind, and will eventually succumb to the strengthening rays of the spring sunshine. The cross-country boarders sling their boards on their backs and pull the sleds back to Asteli.

Helsingin Sanomat / First published in print 21.3.2005