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Clipper XL Pulk

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From: $355.00

The Clipper XL is a rotationally molded plastic pulk sled that offers generous cargo space for larger loads and longer trips. Ideal for backcountry hunting or fishing, hot tent camping, or any other activity requiring bulky winter gear. Our unique, convenient retractable fins provide excellent side-hill or downhill control with the flick of a ski pole. Includes the base sled, secure straps, full-length poles and pole attachment pins.


Size: 62″ long x 18″ wide x 7″ high
Weight: 9lbs (sled only)
  • Rotomolded for consistent thickness and durability
  • Runners molded into the sled for increased tracking
  • Optional retractable fins
  • Optional convenient cover system
  • Can be used as a deer drag/game drag sled by hunters to transport game

Included: base sled, secure straps, full-length poles and pole attachment pins.

Note that we do not sell Clipper XL fins as after market add-ons since the fins and sled need to be custom fitted in our shop.

Click here for sizing information for our harness options.


1 review for Clipper XL Pulk

  1. Chad Hanson (verified owner)

    We hike into a remote cabin several times each winter with all the gear required for a comfortable week or two. Knowing no better, we’ve done this with off-the-shelf sleds intended for recreational sledding and a bridled rope pull. The results were always aggravating and the hike in and out became the low point of our trip. Before resorting to purchasing some form of motorized transport, I had two Clipper XL pulks set up and shipped out for the last trip of the season this year. A) the support over the phone on what to purchase was fantastic. B) they arrived early with plenty of time to familiarize ourselves with the new equipment, and C) What a difference these purpose-built pulks made! The hike in and out was a breeze. After waxing the sleds and balancing the load, they glide right along showing no evidence of the weighty cargo they contained. Now that we have these to rely on, we’re most certainly looking forward to the next trip. Heck, we’ll probably even load another case of beer because we won’t even know its there until we arrive. Thanks for a great product!

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