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Removable Fin Kit

(3 customer reviews)


1/8 inch thick aluminum angle stock that is 1 1/2 inches deep. Includes 4- 5/16 inch stainless carriage bolts & washers, and nylon thumb screws. The fins have square holes to work with carriage bolts for easier installation. The design allows you to move the fins to the inside of the sled in situations where the control is not needed and reduction in friction preferred.


3 reviews for Removable Fin Kit

  1. Lars Petticord (verified owner)

    I installed these last year on my Paris sled at the end of the season, but finally got the chance to use them this past weekend. As an experiment I did not use them on the way in to camp on hilly, uneven terrain. My sled was sliding all over, nearly tipping, and wanting to slide sideways offtrail down the hillside.
    On the way back however, I installed the fins. The sled tracked *perfectly*. It didn’t slip to the side or downhill, much less come close to tipping. Another group with a sled constantly had to deal with their sled tipping and sliding off the trail downhill. I highly recommend these fins, even if you use your sled for one trip per winter

  2. Scott (verified owner)

    An absolute must have! I just returned from a hut trip to Janet’s Cabin in Colorado. The terrain featured deep snow and steep sections. The sled tracked perfectly up and down with no slips or tips. At one point at the end of hike up, I was becoming tired and a friend with much experience in pulling sleds hooked this onto his pack and hauled the sled up the steepest pitch near the cabin. Several switchbacks were conquered. He kept looking back at the sled and later when I asked about it he said he was shocked That the sled did not slide or rollover and he credited my good sled packing. When I revealed the sled was equipped with a fin kit, he claimed to be impressed with its performance. I will always pull a sled with fins for now on.

    The only criticism i can make is that the hardware bolts are too long and my waterproof duffle has worn spots from these bolts. Either add more thumb nuts to cover the bolts or use a cap like toilets use to cover the floor bolts. Turning the bolts in the other direction is an option but this adds unnecessary friction and will likely freeze to the point where you cannot remove the fins when putting the sled back into the car for transport.

    Nonetheless, i am givingthe fin kit 5 stars for overall performance. I will modify my kit as mentioned above to protect the duffle bag from wear.

  3. Dave Eilers (verified owner)

    This is a great high quality rear fin kit for a pulk sled. I also bought the 6′ fiberglass poles and the channel hardware. Together with an expedition sled it worked AMAZING. I rigged it up to an old external frame backpack. I had about 20 pounds in the pack and about 40 pounds on the sled. I was able to go almost anywhere. Over and around trees, through creeks, rocks, steep side hills etc. The sled never tipped over and never ran down a steep side hill. Very impressed with this system!! Thanks!

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