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Expedition Rope Pulling Harness


The Expedition Rope Pulling Harness is our heavy duty full harness designed for pulling sleds with rope on the longest treks with the heaviest loads. This harness was designed specifically for pulling sleds with rope. Even though we typically recommend pulling your sled with poles for the best control, we know there are treks, expeditions, ultra running marathons and training such as tire pulling that require pulling with ropes. This fully-adjustable, one-size-fits-all harness features a reinforced, heavy duty D-ring creating the toughest pulk hauling system.


The Expedition Rope Pulling Harness features a reinforced, heavy duty D-ring connection point providing extra durability to pull the heaviest loads and on the longest treks.

  • Buckles on the front and back of the waist belt make it fully adjustable and one-size-fits-all.
  • The D-ring connection point provides extra durability for treks, expeditions, ultra running or training that requires pulling with rope.
  • All of our harnesses start with 1/2″ of top rated MiniCell foam enclosed in a 500 denier Cordura Nylon coated cloth.
  • In order to reduce winter breakage, all buckles are made from acetal by top rated Duraflex.


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