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Snowclipper Pulk

(2 customer reviews)

From: $325.00

The Snowclipper is a rotationally molded plastic sled that is the ultimate in a durable general purpose pulk. Ideal for winter travel including winter camping, hut trips, or any other activity requiring bulky winter gear. It comes with slots molded into the design to allow easy customization with 1/2″ thick plywood or plastic to organize your gear or add back rests to pull kids while cross country skiing or snowshoeing. Our unique, convenient retractable fins provide excellent side-hill or downhill control with the flick of a ski pole. Includes the base sled, secure straps, full-length poles and pole attachment pins.



Size: 55″ long x 18″ wide x 7″ high

Weight: 9lbs (sled only)


  • Rotomolded for consistent thickness and durability
  • Slots molded into the design to add gear dividers or backrests so it can be used to pull your child/kids/toddler while snowshoeing or cross country skiing
  • Optional retractable fins
  • Optional convenient cover system

Included: base sled, secure straps, full-length poles and pole attachment pins.

Note that we do not sell Snowclipper fins as after market add-ons since the fins and sled need to be custom fitted in our shop.

Click here for sizing information for our harness options.

2 reviews for Snowclipper Pulk

  1. Jean H.

    Got to use my pulk (with the waist harness) for the first time last year in 15+ feet of snow. My one comment: What took me so long to get one???! A game changer in CA high Sierra snow.
    Before the pulk we used a simple sled with a tow rope. We snowshoe into our cabin on a hill and constantly battle the sled hitting our shoe tails and when going downhill, having the sled hit the back of our ankles; soooo annoying. Old sleds didn’t hold all gear and everything got wet or fell out even with bungie-cord tie-downs. With our Pulk, easy-peasy hike and it carries ALL our supplies/gear securely and never gets wet! LOVE this Pulk! Got ours with all options (cover, stabilizing fins, breakdown poles).

    Thinking of getting one? Do it NOW!

  2. Christopher

    I loved this sled it makes overnight outings in the snow really enjoyable. In fact I’m the guy in the video first video just after the 3 minute mark in the blue flannel.

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