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Winter Backpacking

WINTER BACKPACKING USING AN IGLOO TOOL VERSUS PACKING IN AND SETTING UP A WINTER TENT Sure, anyone winter backpacking can throw up a winter tent. They can also build a
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Snow Camping

Don’t Let your Fear of the Cold Keep You From the Snow Although the fear of the cold is enough to make most people stay inside their houses warm and
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Igloos Make the Best Winter Tent

WHY IGLOOS MAKE THE BEST WINTER TENT So, your interest has been piqued and you want to know everything there is to know about building an igloo? Welcome friend! You’ve
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Advantages of an igloo vs snow caves, quinzees or winter tents

ADVANTAGES OF BUILDING AN ICEBOX® IGLOO VERSUS SNOW CAVES, QUINZEES OR WINTER TENTS Why ICEBOX® Igloos Make the Best Winter Shelter for Backcountry or Backyard Snow Camping You may already
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Winter Camping

LET’S GO WINTER CAMPING! Learn How To Use Our Unique, Fun and Exciting Tool! All right campers, let’s be honest here. Just because the weather changes and the rain begins
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Meet Igloo Ed and Start Building Your Own Igloo Today

Who is Igloo Ed? Igloo Ed is the inventor of the ICEBOX® Igloo Tool and loves building Igloos. Ed is more than an enthusiast, he has made it a business.
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Build Your Own Igloo with an ICEBOX® plastic Form.

“Rewriting the books of winter camping! The tool is lightweight (2,2kg), it can be easily packed on top of a backpack as a box measuring 65x36x8 cm, igloos can be
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FACTFILE: Putting up an Igloo/Iglu in a couple of hours

By Timo Rautava at Pyhätunturi American Ed Huesers has developed a method by which it is possible to erect an igloo/iglu in the space of as little as a few
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A Snowy Week

By Timo Rautava at Pyhätunturi A Week for Snow Camping A story about a Week of Snow Camping SUNDAY March 13th. A scouting party skis the trip of around 8km
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Trekking and snowboarding

By Timo Rautava at Pyhätunturi Some five years ago, paediatrician Matti Verkasalo began to ponder the idea of blending hiking in the wilds with snowboarding. The carefully-groomed pistes of ski-resorts
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A Good Nights Sleep In an Igloo.

By Timo Rautava at Pyhätunturi Sleep In An Igloo It is as if Tinkerbell has waved her magic wand over Pyhätunturi to have a nights sleep in an igloo. There
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American Plastic Igloo Making Form Performed Well in Himos Forest

“Last fall Verkasalo came across an interesting gadget in the Internet: the Americans had began to make a slip form for igloo building. One should be able to build an
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Not Sure Which Pulk Fits Your Needs?

Choosing the right pulk can be a big decision. The best choice depends on several key details. To make things easier, we’ve compiled some of the main points for each of our pulk systems on one page in our Pulk Feature Comparison.


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