We love being outdoors. It’s in our Minnesota blood. There’s really nothing better than an open path ahead and the long to-do list behind you, and we’re lucky enough to get to share that with others. It’s our goal to help make winter accessible to more people, regardless of their experience, size or location. By creating the best, most-durable pulks and offering a growing knowledge base of how-to guides, we want to help your next winter trip be the best one yet.

Our History

Hi there, we’re Grant and Ashley, the husband-and-wife team behind SkiPulk. Living in Minnesota, the oft-chilly outdoors have always been our church, and we’ve spent our long winters enjoying everything from cross-country skiing to snowkiting to winter camping.

Grant’s passion for the great outdoors led him to pursue an undergrad degree in Recreation Sports Management Outdoor Education and a graduate degree in Sports Management which he now uses to work with local youth during the day. Together, we’re building pulks in our garage and sharing outdoor adventuring advice online! (Join the journey over on Instagram.)

Our own adventure with SkiPulk.com started while Grant was still pursuing his higher education. He met Ed Bouffard, the original owner of SkiPulk.com (formerly known as Ed’s Wilderness Systems, started back in 1994) and began working with him as an associate. When Ed was ready to retire in 2011, we took over the reins. We’ve been helping hardcore outdoor-enthusiasts and casual adventurers alike ever since.

We’re really proud to bring you the best pulk systems, built to accompany all of your winter adventures.

Grant and Ashley in Chippewa National Forest pulling a Paris and Snowclipper Pulk.