Do you make wheels for Summer or Tundra Pulking?

We are often asked about putting wheels on a pulk. It certainly has been done but we haven’t tried because without too much danger of falling- solid metal poles would work better for a wheeled pulk.

Three other options for summer pulking:

  1. Using the extremely durable Northern Sled works UHMW sleds.
  2. Using a wheeled multi use baby carrier or a modified canoe portage cart.
  3. Using the Dixon Roller Pac

When would a toboggan be used?

Some winter travellers prefer the traditional toboggan design over skipulks. These designs allow for extremely large loads. Because the toboggans are long and narrow, the gear can be very stable and the width works well for snow shoe tracks. These systems are popular in the Boreal Forest, Canadian Shield and Quetico. They are not as good for cross country skiing or for hilly terrain. We have included one of the best sites for gear toboggans we know of: Black River Sleds (Plastic HDPE)

What other winter camping gear is available?

Grand Shelters / Ice Box Igloo Tool

Igloos make the most comfortable and longest lasting winter wilderness shelters. They are our favorite winter shelter when we are in the mountains. Check out this great tool for making igloos: (picture coming soon)

Four Dog Stove

If you are looking for a well crafted heat source for your tent, look to Four Dog Stoves for the answer. Four Dog builds light weight titanium and metal stoves as well as a small titanium bushcooker if you are a weight conscious traveler. Check out their website for more gear and wilderness skills information.

Empire Canvas Crafted Winter Parkas and Anoraks

Ed used to be called the “Cotton Cop” by friends for his diligence in keeping cotton out of his friends winter wardrobe. Then he was schooled in the use of cotton and other traditional fabrics in the outer layer of winter garments by the teachings of Bill Mason, and more directly from Kevin Kinney of Empire Canvas. Check out his incredibly crafted outer garments.

Snow Trekker Tents

We are experienced in all the styles of winter camping from snow trenches and quinzees to tarps. Each has its good points. Winter cold tent camping leaves a lot to be desired but hot tent camping offers the benefit of a hot evening to recuperate from the brutal cold, and most importantly to dry your clothing layers. For the best in hot tenting- you have to check out Snow Trekker Tents.

Can I just order parts?

We sell nearly all the items that you need to build pulk poles, except the proprietary pole couplers. Other than couplers and the fiberglass wands, the parts needed to build poles will be found in the channel sets and emergency parts packs. Note: We are unable to sell any of our pulk sleds by themselves except to existing customers who have purchased a system from us and need to replace or upgrade an old or damaged sled.