How useful is a pulk?

There are many reasons to choose a SkiPulk for your winter travel needs. Here are a few examples:

  1. Great gear sled for mountaineering. The rugged, dependable system, including flexible poles, allows the sled to track behind the user making travel more convenient.
  2. Ideal for winter camping. SkiPulks allow you to bring the extra gear needed for more comfortable camping in the winter.
  3. Perfect for hut to hut or yurt to yurt ski systems.
  4. Great for bringing in supplies to your snow bound cabin. Pulling gear behind you in a pulk system takes the load off your back!
  5. Excellent equipment sled for scouting winter jamborees.
  6. Fantastic setup as a gear sled for snow kiting. The cover is a must for kiting and the fiberglass poles are key for tacking transitions and stopping.
  7. Great sled for hauling your ice fishing gear. No need to worry about driving a vehicle on the ice when you can haul gear in a SkiPulk!

You may come across web postings about how pulks are a pain. From our experience it is because the user has a bad pulk design or has opted for a short pulk which is easy to overload and make top heavy.

There are a few occasions, however, when pulks are less desireable than packs. These are:

  1. When you will encounter several unfrozen stream crossings.
  2. On exposed rocky ridge lines.
  3. When the conditions are too warm with very long sections of no snow.
  4. When skiing through a recent tornado blow down.
  5. When you are on severe sidehill without fins.
  6. When attempting steep climbs with a heavy load and no skins.

That’s about it. Really!! Pulks rock!