About our poles

View a video about our poles here.

Full-length Poles

Better poles make better pulks! Our full length fiberglass poles are incredibly strong while still being flexible enough to reduce injury or equipment failure during a fall. The poles are 6 feet long, weigh about 2lbs 6oz and are made of 1/2″ fiberglass rods coated with a protective finish.  The aluminum couplers (pole ends) are specially machined for SkiPulk.com.  One end is 3/8″ fine thread for the tie rod/ball joint.  The other end is 5/16″ standard/coarse thread for the eye bolt.  Note:  The poles for the Expedition pulk and FatBike pulk have ball joints on both ends.

Split Poles

The split poles are also extremely strong and reliable. They were created for customers who need to fit their poles in a sled during transport or to ship overseas. These poles now use an extremely strong stainless steel mid-pole coupler that is as durable as our full length poles.

They are about six ounces heavier than the full length poles and each pole is unique and must be mated with the proper half. We mark the poles to make sure they stay matched with the proper one. The coupler stays tight very well but it is possible for it to unscrew a 1/4 turn in the field which creates a little more play in the junction. Due to this, we recommend applying a little tape over the junction after they are assembled.

While more convenient, since they add extra weight and add to the complexity of your system in addition to the extra cost, we generally recommend full-length poles.