Winter Bikepacking with a Pulk Sled

Fatbiking in the winter has spread like crazy all over the world in the last several years. Many riders have taken a liking to fatbikes but that doesn’t mean they want to sleep outside in the winter on a bikepacking trip. To me, the winter landscape keeps things simple. Staying warm, staying hydrated, well fed and a good sleep are all you need. Why not bring a fatbike and pulk into the picture for a multi-day winter bikepacking/winter camping experience but with more of the comforts of home carried in a pulk

Towing a pulk sled behind your fatbike allows space to haul comforts that would otherwise have to be left at home. The ability to pack plush sleeping bags, a wood stove, hot tent and good food along for the trip might just be enough to persuade hesitant winter fatbikers who have thought of trying out winter bikepacking to give it a go. Plus, when you haul your gear in a pulk sled behind your bike vs in packs on your bike, you won’t be as apt to tipping.

Read a story on our first bikepacking winter camping trip with a pulk below and continue on for our gear list and setup, plus a couple important tips to remember when planning your overnight winter bikepacking trip with a fatbike and pulk:

Here is our gear list for our winter bikepacking trip with a pulk (note there were three of us each pulling a pulk):

Group Gear

  • Tent (plus pole and stakes)
  • Wood stove (collapsible Titanium XL stove by Seek Outside)
  • Small lantern
  • Small hatchet
  • Saw (2)
  • Lighter, matches, fire starter kit
  • Cook kit (2)
  • Stove (MSR Whisperlite)
  • Two bottles of stove fuel
  • Efficient bike air pump
  • Bike tool kit including chain repair tool, patch kit and tire levers
  • Maps
  • Basic First Aid kit

Individual Gear

  • Meals (just add water) and snacks
  • Zero degree sleeping bag
  • Sleeping pad and small tarp to go under it
  • Camp pillow
  • Water system (Nalgene bottles with Granite gear insulators). Start with 2-4 bottles full
  • Headlamp
  • Head light on bike
  • Blinking tail light
  • Reflective vest
  • Helmet
  • Spare batteries
  • Spare clothes
  • Camp shoes/slippers/down booties
  • System for hauling gear (we used pulks)
  • Bike tire tube
  • Smallish cup or bowl to eat out of + spork
  • Personal med and first aid kit

Important tips to keep in mind when planning your winter camping fatbike trip with a pulk:

  • Research trails in your area that allow fatbike travel
  • If the trail is multi-use, determine the best times to travel when there will be the least traffic

Finally, below are a couple reviews of the Fatbike Pulk system by and you can find our Fatbike Pulk kit by clicking here