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Meet Igloo Ed and Start Building Your Own Igloo Today

Who is Igloo Ed?

Igloo Ed is the inventor of the ICEBOX® Igloo Tool and loves building Igloos. Ed is more than an enthusiast, he has made it a business. He loves to share his love of igloos and snow camping. His love has culminated in many years of real life testing and expertise in the art of building an igloo. Building an igloo is difficult without the right tools. Igloo Ed discovered this very early on and created the Igloo Tool and Door to fill that need.

What does Igloo Ed Love?

Igloo Ed has built hundreds of Igloos. He spends many hours working with others to sharer his passion. Ed spends an incredible amount of time hiking, skiing and just enjoying the outdoors, especially in Colorado where Igloo Ed lives. Although it may be near impossible to actually find him, Ed can often be found in the back country hiking around, camping out in Igloos and cross country skiing with friends.

Our Igloo Building Tool is a Patented Product

Ed has been selling the ICEBOX Igloo tool since 1998. He has seen thousands of people buy the igloo tool and build their first igloo. Since that time, Ed has seen his creation featured on the Today show. Yes, they built an igloo in the streets of New York City. Igloo Ed has remained focused on selling the product directly without the increased costs associated with some of the larger online retailers.

Ed and his entire team take pride in the fact that the ICEBOX® Igloo Tool has seen such success over the years, but he knows there are more people to reach. Grand Shelters, Ed’s parent comapny has invested in a more interactive and user friendly website experience. Ed hopes you find our new website more informational, mobile friendly and sort of fun.