The best sled for your adventures depends on your activities. Both systems are about the same size in terms of cargo space and use the same harnesses and poles. Both also perform very well in a variety of conditions, and you can’t go wrong with either choice! Differences include:

  • The Paris Sled is a general purpose sled that is about 4 lbs or so lighter and less expensive than the Snowclipper. It is durable enough to last for a couple years of hard use.
  • We designed the Snowclipper specifically as a pulk sled. Like a kayak, it is created from rotational molding. It is much more durable with over twice as much plastic on the bottom (this is at the expense of the extra 4 lbs). It also does not have the wide rims of the Paris which can hang up on brush if you do a lot of bushwacking.
  • The Snowclipper has slots that make it easy to add dividers or backrests for kids.
  • The Snowclipper has the option to add covers. Instead of a cover, most Paris sled fans use packs, duffels or a burrito wrap with a tarp.
  • The most popular difference is the retractable fins on the Snowclipper. These allow you to deploy or retract the fins without removing your gear from the sled. (The fin option on the Paris systems are removable but you have to take out your gear first.)