Measure in inches at your waist where the belt will sit (note that pant sizes can vary so it’s best to measure):

Small: 27″ – 35″ (26 inches of foam padding)
Medium: 32″ – 39″ (30 inches of foam padding)
Large: 36″ – 45″ (35 inches of foam padding)

A note on women’s sizing:

Our belts are unisex but because women wear the belt closer to their hips, be sure to measure there – where you are most comfortable wearing the belt and use the sizes above.

Most women prefer the Harness Bottom because they use the leg loops to keep the harness from riding up off their hips entirely onto the waist.

*Important: Belts can go larger but they will lose padding at the hip points. The belt cannot go smaller than the amount of foam padding listed plus about 2″ for the buckles. If you can fit either of two sizes, the larger belt will give you the most padding and comfort.

Good control is essential for backcountry pulk routes. You will not have good control by clipping your poles onto extra pack loops or D-rings. A good hip belt must secure the end of the poles close to your hip point with minimum slack for classic or alpine skiing and snowshoeing. For running and skate skiing, some people prefer pole attachments at their mid back. The most important issue for good control is reduction of slack or slop in your pole to harness connection.