We offer three styles of harnesses for Paris and Snowclipper pulks:  the Hip Belt, Harness Bottom and Full Harness.  Most of the components (foam/ cover/ pole attachment system) are the same. The biggest difference between the Hip Belt and Harness Bottom is in the buckles that are added. The Hip Belt with Day Pack Attachments is our simplest hip belt.  Use it if you always pull your pulk with some kind of backpack or if your system will be used by many different people like a rental operation. This harness has straps that allow you to attach the harness to any backpack or hydration system.

These straps also help prevent the hip belt from sliding down your butt and give your shoulders the chance to help with the pull a little.

The Harness Bottom is the most versatile choice.  It comes standard with detachable leg loops which are popular with those who prefer to help keep the belt from riding up off their hips onto their waist (especially women).  On this harness we have replaced the day pack attachment straps with four buckles that can be used to attach our shoulder straps (or to make your own).  These top buckles also make it quite easy to create your own custom strap to go from the harness to your day pack.