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Winter Camping


All right campers, let’s be honest here. Just because the weather changes and the rain begins to turn to snow, it doesn’t mean the outdoor fun has to end! There’s skating, skiing, snowshoeing, ice fishing and so much more that we can experience in winter months. However, it’s all about being properly prepared for the elements, so that we can enjoy our chosen activity.

The same is true for winter camping! Now, if you’ve only ever camped out in a tent under a summer sky, then you are missing out. Year-round camping is not only possible but it’s fun and it definitely labels you as a real hardcore adventurer! So, don’t let the snow send you indoors. Earn your rightful title as a tough outdoorsman by succeeding at subzero winter camping!

Sounds good, but how does one succeed at winter camping? At sleeping out in the snow all night long without succumbing to hypothermia? Well…the key is to sleep in an igloo! Did you know that when built correctly, igloos are immune to harsh wind, are much warmer than any tent on the market and can be made as big enough to accommodate large groups? Igloos retain body heat, are almost completely sound proof and can even support a campfire inside them! Just imagine building your own snow shelter and sleeping out in the wilderness in the middle of winter. Now that’s an exhilarating adventure for your bucket list!

So how is it done? How does one make an igloo that is safe, warm and architecturally sound?

We’ll let you in on our little secret…it’s called the ICEBOX® Igloo Maker and it’s been working its magic in some of the harshest conditions on our planet.

What Is The ICEBOX® Igloo Maker?

The ICEBOX® igloo maker is a plastic device that enables you to build a solid, secure and warm igloo. It consists of four plastic panels and an adjustable aluminum rod that comes with a spike. Instead of cutting out blocks of snow, the ICEBOX® igloo maker lets you pack snow into the mold to make your bricks. The rod is anchored to the center of the igloo and rotated on its axis to form layers of uniform, tightly-packed snow bricks. Its biggest advantage is that it can use any type of snow to form an igloo! No need for the back-breaking work of digging deep down into dense layers of snow. The ICEBOX® igloo maker makes it easy and does it right every time!

The ICEBOX® igloo maker weighs about 2.2 kg, which is about the weight of a single-person tent. This innovative equipment makes a perfect igloo in just two to three hours and can house large groups of people. Plus, at just $189.95; the ICEBOX® igloo maker costs less than half the amount of some four-season tents! Which, as we mentioned is not going to keep you warm anyway!

Once you have our ICEBOX® igloo maker then all you need to do is scout out the best location and follow the instructions. Want to learn more? Check out our article on How to Build an Igloo.

The ICEBOX® Igloo Maker Gives You License to Chill

So be ready when this winter comes rolling in. Not with a cabin or a tent but with the knowledge, skills and your very own ICEBOX® Igloo Maker. Take your adventuring to the next level as you build a snow shelter and show Mother Nature that you won’t be taken down in the snow!