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ICEBOX® Igloo Door

Igloo Door – A Must Have

Igloo Door by Grand Shelters – ICEBOX® Igloo winter camping experts have developed, tested and offer a heavy duty nylon weighted flap door. Design and optimization is a hallmark of any product, so we explicitly designed the door to be used with any snow shelter. Heat is trapped in a properly built snow shelter, with the top of the door below the sleeping level, but an igloo door will stop cold drafts from coming into the igloo.

To use the door, simply hang the door with small sticks/branches or stakes. The stakes are pushed into the side of the igloo or snow shelter therefore attaching it reliably to the igloo. The stakes go through elastic strap loops on the door. Igloos need doors and our door is simple yet very effective. Grand Shelters has extensively time tested the door and, as can be seen, our door is different from home made versions.

Door Dimensions and Features

The door is 26″ X 50″, therefore the maximum recommended opening size is 24″ X 45″. This ensures the door will cover the opening completely. If your opening is too wide, it will not seal the opening. If the door is dug to wide, simply add some snow to the sides of the opening so the door seals The door has a vertical slit in the middle to allow for quick and easy passage.

The door has Velcro pads that fasten the door together to block out high winds. For easy passage the Velcro pads can be covered by a sewn on strap to prevent the flaps from sticking together. This, as can be seen, is great when entering or exiting through the door. It also helps when you just want some fresh air.

To hold the door taunt, we designed a pocket into the bottom of each flap of the door, The pocket is filled with snow which adds weight to the bottom of the flaps.

The added weight to the bottom of the flaps ensures the door will hang taut and not blow in the wind.

Fill the cone shaped pockets through the plastic disc on the edge of each door flap.

The disc design allows the disc to be squeezed to create a funnel making it easy to fill the pocket. Simply fill the pocket with snow or invert the disc to dump out the snow when packing up from camping.

ICEBOX® Igloo Door