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Snow Shelter Door


Another of our Icebox Products beside our ICEBOX Igloo Tool is an advanced and thoroughly tested igloo door. When you build your igloo, you will need a good door. Igloo doors seem simple but in reality their are unique issues when installing a door. Our door has a pocket at the bottom to load snow to ensure the door does not flap around, Velcro enclosures and spikes to attach to door to the igloo.

Igloo Door General Use and Details

The door can be hung by spikes driven into the face of the igloo and attached to the doors elastic strap loops.

Overall dimensions of the door are 26″ X 50″ although the maximum recommended opening size is 24″ X 45″. There is a vertical slit in the middle of the door to allow for quick entry and egress.


Grand Shelters Inc. has developed and tested a snow-shelter door that has elastic strap loops used to hang the door with stakes. The door is 26 inches wide and 50 inches tall and will best fit an opening in a snow-shelter that is 23 to 24 inches wide and 45 inches tall. The door has a vertical slit in the middle of the door that allows a person to just poke their head through and walk through the door. There are three Velcro pads on the slit that will fasten the door together in high winds and when it isn’t windy, the Velcro pads can be effectively turned off or covered up by using a sewn on strap that covers the Velcro to render it ineffective.

There is also a snow pouch at the bottom of each section of the door to add weight to the bottom of the door so it will hang taut and not blow in the wind. The snow pouch is filled through a plastic disc on the edge of the door that is cone shaped and acts as a funnel to put the snow into the pouch. When removing the snow, the plastic disc can be popped through and opened creating a funnel the opposite direction so the snow will pour out. The plastic disc also creates a large flat surface on the bottom edge of the door that helps the door stay parallel to the other half of the door so it seals down the middle of the door.

Product weight: 6oz

All Details, including photo’s.

Additional information

Weight 0.5 lbs
Dimensions 1.75 × 8.75 × 5.5 in


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